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We pay your invoices on-demand so that you get the cash to spend on your business - from unexpected expenses, to opportunities to grow.

“Joining FundTap was so
easy and their system
is brilliant”


Loved by customers for over 12 years

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read why we’re our customers’ preferred invoice finance provider and why they choose to keep coming back for our simple solution for their cash flow needs.

  • sarah
  • Sarah H YUM Foods

“We love the convenience and accessibility of FundTap. It’s simple which is really nice and has enabled us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise.”

  • Graffic-G-Logo-Gray
  • Matt E Graffic

“Fundtap gives me added control over this and is incredibly efficient and easy to use. Highly recommended!”

  • Glassforce
  • Gabrielle B Glassforce

“FundTap is like a lifeline to your business. It’s a fantastic boost that will get you to your next step.”

  • 54%

The average increase in turnover for FundTap customers over the last 2 years.

Why Use FundTap?


Started In Minutes

With our Accounting software integrations, no paperwork is needed.


Fastest Cash Flow Available

FundTap provides the fastest source of cashflow available - paid in hours.


On Demand

Only pay for FundTap when you use it, and no long term contracts.


Sleep Better

Knowing you’ve got FundTap in your back pocket for those unexpected expenses.

How it works


1. Create a
Free Account
It takes less
than 5 min


2. Link your
Accounting System

No Paperwork


3. Select your
Outstanding invoices
to Release Funds
decide which invoices.
No minimum amounts


4. FundTap Puts
Cash Directly into
Your Account Today

We can have funds to
you in hours