About us

Our mission is to turn traditional finance on its head so small businesses can instantly access their money when needed to thrive and grow.

Our Story

We started in the invoice factoring and finance business in 2010. As technology and business changed we have found traditional factoring no longer met the needs of our clients. We needed to find a solution to make cash flow finance simpler, easier, and quicker. From this, FundTap was born.

FundTap now operates across Australia and New Zealand. Our people are located around the globe, with our headquarters in Nelson, a small paradise found at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

Our team strives to be the best by continually innovating to find the best solutions for our clients.

“It’s a local service and it feels like there’s a personal connection instead of just being a number on a screen.”

- Bravi

Our Values

We exist for people. Our goal: understand, empathise, and help both our people and the small businesses we serve to flourish.

  • Customers are our lifeblood. We guide them to the best outcome, even if the solution lies outside FundTap.
  • As a team, we thrive together, fostering growth without room for politics.
  • Respect is key. We encourage learning from mistakes instead of passing judgement.
  • We don’t shy away from tough talks – these regular conversations prevent issues from escalating.

Our integrity is non-negotiable, characterised by honesty, transparency, and openness.

  • We own our mistakes, learn from them, and make it right, without playing the blame game.
  • We stick to our commitments. If we falter, we inform promptly and make amends.
  • Self-accountability is paramount.

Innovation defines us. We experiment, take calculated risks, and are always learning.

  • Risk is embraced through frequent, small-scale testing.
  • We do not accept poor performance, but distinguish this from failure, a critical stepping stone towards success.
  • We are curious and constant challenge of the status quo. We are always looking for better solutions.

We loathe paperwork, unnecessary tasks, and monotony, constantly seeking efficiency through automation.

  • Time is a commodity we respect – whether it’s our team’s, our customers’, or our own.
  • We focus on work that generates value and impact.
  • We don’t delay decision-making.
  • We actively look for a better way.

Our Team

Matt Peacey
Founder & Director

Matt loves small businesses and the incredibly talented people that…

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Neville Gollan
Country Manager - Australia

Neville is an experienced leader who’s spent his career growing…

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Rick Muir
Account Growth Manager

Rick has a passion for progress. He likes to seize…

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Andrew Paykel

Andrew is a Company Director, Advisory Board Member, CEO &…

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Animesh Biswas
Software Development

Animesh challenges us to find a better word than ‘genius’….

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Kieren Hyland

Kieren has a fascination with startups – the challenge of…

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Andre O’Sullivan
Credit Control & Debt Recovery

Andre helps our customers that sometimes have issues paying on…

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Shane Laurence
Head of Growth

Shane is passionate about developing innovative and tech focussed growth…

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Jess Heslop
Jess Heslop
Product Manager

Jess wears many hats: part accountant, part technology futurist, and…

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Matt Adams

Matt is an experienced finance professional with over 20 years’…

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Claire Reuss
Relationship Manager

Claire, our Relationship Manager is based in sunny Sydney, Australia….

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Morgan Burkett
Morgan Burkett
Client Solutions Manager

Meet Morgan, the Client Solutions Manager at FundTap. Morgan loves…

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Neil Kain

Neil has had a long, successful career in the insurance…

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You’re in good company

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read why we’re our customers’ preferred invoice finance provider and why they choose to keep coming back for our simple solution for their cash flow needs.

Sarah H

YUM Foods

“We love the convenience and accessibility of FundTap. It’s simple which is really nice and has enabled us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise.”



“FundTap is like a lifeline to your business. It’s a fantastic boost that will get you to your next step.”

Matt E


“FundTap gives me added control over this and is incredibly efficient and easy to use. Highly recommended!”

Craig M

CLM Group

“FundTap have provided a unique and professional service in unlocking the funds tied up in jobs already completed. FundTap allows me to pursue other higher margin work by providing me with funds quickly. They have always been truthful in their advice and will always make the recommendation on financing invoices that is within your best interest not their own. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough! An absolute must partner for any small trade business.”

Stuart W

Gralich Compliance Management

Excellent service. Easy to connect and get started, great communication from the team without being pushy.

Tinealle M

The Print Company

Jonelle and the team from FundTap provide my company with an excellent product and service. It’s reassuring to know that when I make the call they move quickly to help me. I highly recommend these guys if you’re looking for a financial support business partner that you can always rely on.

Gary M

NYA Cake Guys

“They took the time to understand our unique business requirements, without being pushy, great service.”

Greg C

Titanium Traffic Plans

A great, flexible and easy way to manage cashflow and regulate working capital! Fees are shown upfront so you know exactly what is happening, and the online portal is very well set out and easy to use. Highly recommend!

Glenn D

e3 Scientific

“Great service with a professional team. FundTap does a great job at plugging the gap for small businesses and providing confidence to make decisions regarding business growth.”

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