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How Glassforce saved time and their reputation using FundTap

Frameless glass experts Glassforce provide unique products and services from integrated LED glass for showstopping displays to cyclone and even bullet proof glass. They began using FundTap for on-demand financing towards the end of 2021, as COVID-19 saw delays in many invoice payments by their clients and partners. This in turn affected their cashflow and operations.

Accessing their own funds as soon as the invoices were issued was a gamechanger for Glassforce, one that has seen them through both a difficult period and one of high growth with the new innovative products Glassforce are rapidly developing.

Project Coordinator Gabrielle Bamford says that managing cashflow with a little help from FundTap is “so much easier. When it gets to the 20th of the month, we can pay all the bills at once.”

“FundTap is like a lifeline to your business. It’s a fantastic boost that will get you to your next step.”

Additionally, she reported using FundTap has allowed Glassforce to save time previously spent in chasing up invoices. With the funds already received, they can rest easy and only chase overdue invoices. There’s no longer any pressure or reputations cost involved with needing to go out to customers and seek early payment to cover expenses.

One of Gabrielle’s favourite features is the ability to link FundTap with their accounts in Xero. This allows for a seamless experience, as payments match effortlessly and there’s very little administrative work involved.

Another top aspect of using Fundtap for the Glassforce team? Our very own Jonelle. Gabrielle described her as “on to it, fast, and efficient.” And as a service that takes pride in our people, that’s great feedback. We love having the best tech to make our clients’ lives easier but love pairing this with the best people that make their interactions with us enjoyable and productive.

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