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How web design agency Bravi was able to close the gap due to late paying clients

Taylor Tudisco founded website design and development agency Bravi when she was not long out of university. She quickly found out that being a young sole trader meant she immediately didn’t qualify for a small business loan, or even a business credit card. 

She didn’t earn enough, or have the required security. Bravi was actually going quite well, but it only took one late-paying client to create cash flow issues.

“I was working for a client who had an NFT platform, and when the crypto market crashed, he refused to pay his invoice. Straight away, I was a month behind.

“It was this strange disconnect because you feel like the money you make shows how well you’re doing. There was a good amount of work coming in, but just because one client was slow to pay his invoices, I was under all this pressure from a cash flow perspective.”

“I was in a constant state of fear; it was like things weren’t going that well because that’s what the bank balance was saying.”

Taylor looked at a wide range of finance options to help her through. It felt like none of the lenders she spoke to cared about her enough to look beyond their own requirements, which didn’t tell the full story.

Then she found FundTap and immediately felt like it was different.

“​​I didn’t actually read into the details of how it worked – I needed a solution and just got a vibe that this was it. It was easy and it felt safe. There was just a sense that they wanted to help me and support me when other people didn’t.”

By financing her invoices, Taylor was able to close the gap that her late-paying client created, which immediately resolved the cash flow pressure she was under. She says the process was easy and straightforward. 

“I could be myself with FundTap, they make me feel seen. It’s hard to apply for finance because it can feel like you’re doing something wrong if you need a loan, so you have to justify it. But with FundTap, I can show up and be authentic about the problem I’m having and that’s fine, we can work it out.”

“It’s a local service and it feels like there’s a personal connection instead of just being a number on a screen. That was the biggest thing. I’d recommend FundTap all the way because you’re different.”

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