Business Finance

“Linking to our Accounting
System makes
it so easy”


How it works



Select one or more of
your outstanding invoices.
FundTap will pay these
invoices to you now.



FundTap reviews and
approves the invoices
you select and makes
payment to you.



When your customer
pays, you repay FundTap
by direct debit.

How we work

“FundTap lend against my invoices, in turn allowing me to pay my contractors before I receive payment. It has helped me to grow and to tackle work that I would have struggled to find capital for.”

How does FundTap compare?

Traditional factoring Online Invoice Finance FundTap
Easy to establish
Online and mobile
Link to Accounting System /
Application approval 2 weeks + 48 hours + 1 hour
Quick funding Days Days Minutes
No Establishment fees
No Admin or System fees
Debtor pays to normal account
Use only when needed, without penalty


FundTap increases your business’ short-term cash flow. Your outstanding invoices turn into immediate cash so you can grow and run your business, without being restricted by a shortage of cash.

FundTap is easy, quick and paperless. You do not need to spend your time collecting information for us. The sign-up process takes only 5-10 minutes. Subsequent funding is as quick as logging in and selecting the invoices. You can have funds in your account within hours so you can spend your valuable time growing and running your business.

You create a free FundTap account and follow the prompts to seamlessly link your cloud accounting system. You will then see a list of your outstanding invoices. Now you can select the outstanding invoices you wish to have funded by FundTap.

The amount you will receive and the fees are displayed so you have all the information you need to make a decision. The funds are deposited into your account, usually within hours.

After the invoice due date, FundTap will direct debit your account for the amount advanced and the fee.  Done! The simple way to manage cash flow.

No. Unlike other invoice finance providers, you do not need to change the bank account your customer will pay into. With other providers all of your nominated customers would need to pay into a trust account owned by the invoice financier. This causes a delay in you receiving payment. It also locks you into invoice financing as you need to change the account again should you then wish to not use invoice financing… and again when you need further finance…

FundTap keeps it simple. Your customers pay you as they do normally. We then direct debit your account when they pay you. You can use FundTap when you need, and not when you don’t. You are always in control.

Of course. To access our free FundTap demo account please click here, and we’ll run you through just how easy it is to get your invoices funded.

We have built FundTap from the ground up to streamline the funding process for you.  Once you have created a free FundTap account you will be directed to sync your invoices.  Here you will be asked to provide authorisation to link your accounting system to FundTap by entering your user name and password.  You’re done.  It’s that simple.

Like other lenders, we need access to some of your financial information. Unlike other lenders, by accessing your accounting system, we save you from having to manually obtain and upload this information.

We need access to your financial information and the history of your debtors’ payments. We do not access any information on your employees, any details about your customers’ employees or any inventory information.

We are keenly aware of the trust placed in us.

We understand this can happen.  Just let us know and we can recalculate the fee and reschedule the direct debit to follow your customer’s new payment date.

No problem. If you pay early there are no extra charges. In fact, we recalculate and reduce your fee to reflect the reduced time. To pay early, get in contact with FundTap to either pay us directly, or we can reschedule the direct debit date.

Factoring is similar to what FundTap does in that factoring is based on extracting funding from your invoices.

FundTap has many advantages over factoring companies. Factoring companies take over all of your debtors’ ledgers, lock you into an ongoing contract and charge you monthly administration fees.

FundTap allows you to choose exactly which individual invoices, and how many invoices you wish to sell, in order to fix your cash flow. The power is in your hands – we have no locked-in contracts and we don’t charge monthly administration fees.

Our fee starts as low as 4% of the invoice value.  We don’t have any sign-up fees, administration fees, documentation fees, early repayment fees, monthly or annual fees.  The only fee you pay is for the funding you receive.  You are in control of the costs.

To ensure you can make the right funding decision, we show you the cost before you decide to go ahead.  We have a handy funding and fee calculator here.

No. We buy your invoices and so we are not lending money.  Because of this, your ability to borrow money from your bank or other lenders is not affected.

No.  You have spent time carefully building relationships with your customers and we will in no way jeopardise this.  Your customer does not know you are using FundTap to bring forward funding to secure your business cash flow.

We fund your business, you pay one simple fee

(Fill in the boxes below)



We cannot fund invoices for greater than 12 weeks.

We pay to your account:


The fee will be per week or total.


The fee above is indicative and pricing will depend on the risk profile of your business. However, you will always see the exact fee in your FundTap account before submitting invoices for funding. You are always in control.

When your customer pays your invoice of $, we then direct debit your account for the advance and the fee - in this case, $. The left over $ is yours.
We know for many businesses, their customers do not pay on time. 2 days before we direct debit your account, we send an email reminder. You can then change this direct debit date if needed.