Submit an Invoice for Funding

  1. Login to your FundTap account and click on the Sync Invoices button to sync your latest outstanding invoices.
  2. Select the invoices you wish to receive funding for by ticking the box to the left of each invoice. You can select multiple invoices.  To unselect an invoice just tick on the box to the left and this will unselect the invoice.
  3. Review the amount of funding you can receive and the fee quoted. The funding amount and fee will automatically recalculate each time you select and unselect invoices.
  4. If needed you can change the repayment date to any time before the invoice due date or up to 5 days after the due date. This can be done by changing the Due Date field at the bottom of the page.  The fee will automatically recalculate to reflect this change in the funding duration.
  5. If you have a Trusted Partner Code enter this and click on the Submit button.
  6. Once you have reviewed and agreed to the FundTap Terms & Conditions click the Accept Quote button.
  7. If this is your first time submitting an invoice see the Application Process (below). If not, this invoice will be submitted immediately to the FundTap team to review.  Usually within 1-2 hours you will receive an email confirming payment.  Once we have approved an invoice, payment is made immediately.

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