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Keep Cash Flow King with FundTap Invoice Financing

It’s an old but wise adage, when it comes to business, cash flow is king. It’s a hard reality but many profitable businesses fail because of poor cash flow. Debtors don’t care how much money is coming in the future, if you can’t pay your bills now.

Of course, customers should pay their bills on time—nothing is more frustrating than knowing the money is sitting there during times of high growth and demand, or when you hit that mid-month gap between receivables and payables.

You could apply for a working capital loan, but for many small businesses this is a lengthy and cumbersome process. An easier alternative is invoice financing, but until now this was usually only an option for larger businesses. That’s why we developed FundTap, a fast, trustworthy and simple alternative to traditional bank lending.

We redesigned and fixed invoice financing, to give you complete control of your accounts, with a modern, highly digitised invoice financing system. Our simple and transparent service is designed to facilitate business growth quickly and easily by turning your outstanding invoices into immediate cash, so you can grow and run your business, pay your employees and bills and easily manage your cash flow.

How does it work?

FundTap sits on top of traditional bank finance to help you solve cash flow hurdles as they arise and integrates seamlessly with cloud-based accounting software such as Xero and MYOB.

Accessing it is a simple process, if you have a three to six month trading history, sign-up to FundTap at www.fundtap.co. and link your accounting software.

  1. Sign-in and select the outstanding invoices you want paid.
  2. FundTap’s team reviews and approves the invoices then pays you. Approval is fast, and usually only takes a few minutes.
  3. When you are paid by your customers, the money goes into your account NOT a FundTap trust account, and you repay FundTap by direct debit. If any delay ina payment is expected, then contact us to discuss moving the payment date.

Payment is super simple as well, with no application fee, no establishment fee, no system fee, and no early repayment fee. Instead, you pay a one-off fee when we advance your money. Even better, with no lock-in contract, you can use FundTap only when you need funds, and don’t pay a cent when it’s not needed.

The combination of your business banking facility and the variable funds FundTap provides means you have the flexibility you need to meet the ever-changing cash flow requirements of a small business, backed by a supportive team that understands the NZ/AUS business market.

Don’t just take our word for it, read here about how FundTap’s unique invoice financing service and team support helped a growing business launch a new product and another fund their rapid growth.

For more information or to sign up go to www.fundtap.co

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