Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details – Name, Email & Create a Password. Click on the Get Funding Now button.
  3. An email will then be sent to confirm your email address. Go to your email account, open the email from FundTap and click on the button to confirm your FundTap Account.
  4. You will then be taken to the FundTap login screen. Enter your email and password to login to your newly created account.

TROUBLE SHOOTING.  I did not receive an email from FundTap to confirm my account:

  • Try looking in your Spam folder. While we do our best to ensure our emails have all the correct credentials to avoid being sent to spam, we cannot control the various spam filters and so they do sometimes end up here.
  • Not in spam. Call us on 0800 88 33 55 or email [email protected].  We can assist and sort this issue very quickly for you.
  1. Go to to login to your FundTap account.
  2. Click on the Sync Invoices button.
  3. You will then be directed to authorise linking your Xero account to FundTap. Enter your Xero login details then select the Xero account you wish to link.  Once successful you will be redirected back to FundTap and should now see a list of all your outstanding invoices.

TROUBLE SHOOTING.  There are no invoice showing:

  • Your invoices must be current as we cannot fund past due invoices. If an invoice is overdue (today’s date is later than the invoice due date) then the invoice will not appear as it does not meet our funding criteria.
  • Still not working, have questions or need help call us on 0800 88 33 55 or email [email protected]

TROUBLE SHOOTING.  Only 10 invoices showing:

  • You can either change the number of invoices displayed or click next. This can be done using the buttons found directly below the table displaying your invoices.
  1. Login to your FundTap account and click on the Sync Invoices button to sync your latest outstanding invoices.
  2. Select the invoices you wish to receive funding for by ticking the box to the left of each invoice. You can select multiple invoices.  To unselect an invoice just tick on the box to the left and this will unselect the invoice.
  3. Review the amount of funding you can receive and the fee quoted. The funding amount and fee will automatically recalculate each time you select and unselect invoices.
  4. If needed you can change the repayment date to any time before the invoice due date or up to 5 days after the due date. This can be done by changing the Due Date field at the bottom of the page.  The fee will automatically recalculate to reflect this change in the funding duration.
  5. If you have a Trusted Partner Code enter this and click on the Submit button.
  6. Once you have reviewed and agreed to the FundTap Terms & Conditions click the Accept Quote button.
  7. If this is your first time submitting an invoice see the Application Process (below). If not, this invoice will be submitted immediately to the FundTap team to review.  Usually within 1-2 hours you will receive an email confirming payment.  Once we have approved an invoice, payment is made immediately.
  1. After submitting an invoice for the first time we need to collect some information from you. This should only take 5 minutes, is simple, paperless and is only required this first time.
  2. The Personal Information & Identification screen will appear. Here you can enter your personal information (name, contact details etc) and identification (NZ Drivers Licence or Passport).  Click the Save & Continue button.
  3. Next the Bank Details page will appear. Here you can select which bank account we should deposit funds to.  You will also need to confirm you are the person authorised to operate this account.Click the Save & Continue button.
  4. Next theXero Account Details page will appear. To make things as easy as possible FundTap can do the accounting admin for you by creating Xero accounting entries for you to match against the funding you receive from us.  You can either create a new expense account& current liability account specifically for FundTap fees and funding, or you can select existing expense and liability accounts (see Further Information below). To continue click the Save & Continue button.

    FURTHER INFORMATION: Why create a Liability and Expense Account in Xero?

    By creating or selecting existing Xero accounts you allow FundTap to automatically create the accounting entries for you to match in Xero when they happen.  You still maintain all control of how you account for our advance and fee, but the heavy lifting has been done for you.

    Current Liability Account: The account you create or select here will be the Current Liability account that will account for the cash advances you receive from FundTap.  This is the same as any other short term loan and provides a record for yourself of what is owed to FundTap within your Xero accounts.  Once repayment of our advance is made, this loan (Current Liability) account is returned to $0.

    Expense Account: The Expense account you create or select here will keep a record of the fee you pay to FundTap for each invoice we fund.  You can keep tabs on the fee you pay both in Xero and in your FundTap account (see section: Find Current & Past Funding information)

  5. Next a summary of all the information you have entered will appear for you to review. If you need to change any of this information you can click the Back button to get to the screen where this information was entered and change it (you won’t lose your information entered by doing this).  Once you have confirmed the accuracy of the information entered, click the Confirm button.
  6. Finally will be redirected to flo2cash to set up a direct debit authorisation for repayment back to FundTap. Enter the details required here, review and click the Submit button.
  7. You’re done! You will be redirected back to FundTap and your Funded tab showing all of your current and past submitted invoices. The FundTap team will quickly review all of your information.  When approved we will send an email confirming this.  If we are not able to fund for any reason we will ensure to get in contact with you quickly with the reasons why not or to request some further information to get funding to you.
  1. We will immediatelyput through funding to your business account after your invoice is approved. The funds will normally appear in your business account within 1-2 hours, but this is dependent on your own bank’s systems.
  2. On the invoice Repayment Date FundTap will direct debit you for the funds we have advanced and the fee. You can change the Repayment Date when submitting an invoice (see section: Submit an Invoice for Funding) or you can contact the FundTap team and we can do this for you.
  3. If you repay early, there is no penalty. The fee will be readjusted to reflect the lesser time that funding was outstanding.

TROUBLE SHOOTING: My client has not paid me yet.  What happens?

  • This is not an uncommon experience as anyone in business will know. If this happens just email or callus.  We can reschedule the Repayment Date or you can pay direct to our account.
  1. Within your FundTap account, you can click on the Funded tab at the top left to view information on all invoices you have submitted for funding. Here you can view the invoice details, invoice status, funded amount and the fee.  This allows you to find the information you need, when you need it.
  1. You can find your basic account information by clicking on your company/user name in the top right hand corner of your FundTap account screen. From the dropdown menu, click on My Account.
  2. Here you can see your basic account information, Sync Invoices, view when your invoices were last synced and disconnect your Xero account. Please contact the FundTap team should you need to disconnect your Xero account when there are funded invoices still outstanding.  See the FundTap Terms & Conditions for further information.
  3. To change your password, click on the Change Password tab at the top of the page, enter your old password followed by your new password. Should you forget you password, when on the login page, click the Forgot Your Password link and follow the directions to reset your password.
  1. We are here to help. If something isn’t working or you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We don’t want our customers spending their valuable time working through problems with our system.  If there are things that annoy you – let us know and we’ll do our best to streamline it.  You can contact us on:

0800 88 33 55   or   [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

FundTap increases your business’ short-term cash flow. Your outstanding invoices turn into immediate cash so you can grow and run your business, without being restricted by a shortage of cash.

FundTap is easy, quick and paperless. You do not need to spend your time collecting information for us. The sign-up process takes only 5-10 minutes. Subsequent funding is as quick as logging in and selecting the invoices. You can have funds in your account within hours so you can spend your valuable time growing and running your business.

You create a free FundTap account and follow the prompts to seamlessly link your cloud accounting system. You will then see a list of your outstanding invoices. Now you can select the outstanding invoices you wish to have funded by FundTap.

The amount you will receive and the fees are displayed so you have all the information you need to make a decision. The funds are deposited into your account, usually within hours.

After the invoice due date, FundTap will direct debit your account for the amount advanced and the fee.  Done! The simple way to manage cash flow.

We have built FundTap from the ground up to streamline the funding process for you.  Once you have created a free FundTap account you will be directed to sync your invoices.  Here you will be asked to provide authorisation to link your accounting system to FundTap by entering your user name and password.  You’re done.  It’s that simple.

Like other lenders, we need access to some of your financial information. Unlike other lenders, by accessing your accounting system, we save you from having to manually obtain and upload this information.

We need access to your financial information and the history of your debtors’ payments. We do not access any information on your employees, any details about your customers’ employees or any inventory information.

We are keenly aware of the trust placed in us.

We understand this can happen.  Just let us know and we can recalculate the fee and reschedule the direct debit to follow your customer’s new payment date.

No problem. If you pay early there are no extra charges. In fact, we recalculate and reduce your fee to reflect the reduced time. To pay early, get in contact with FundTap to either pay us directly, or we can reschedule the direct debit date.

Factoring is similar to what FundTap does in that factoring is based on extracting funding from your invoices.

FundTap has many advantages over factoring companies. Factoring companies take over all of your debtors’ ledgers, lock you into an ongoing contract and charge you monthly administration fees.

FundTap allows you to choose exactly which individual invoices, and how many invoices you wish to sell, in order to fix your cash flow. The power is in your hands – we have no locked-in contracts and we don’t charge monthly administration fees.

Our fee starts as low as 4% of the invoice value.  We don’t have any sign-up fees, administration fees, documentation fees, early repayment fees, monthly or annual fees.  The only fee you pay is for the funding you receive.  You are in control of the costs.

To ensure you can make the right funding decision, we show you the cost before you decide to go ahead.  We have a handy funding and fee calculator here.

No. We buy your invoices and so we are not lending money.  Because of this, your ability to borrow money from your bank or other lenders is not affected.

No.  You have spent time carefully building relationships with your customers and we will in no way jeopardise this.  Your customer does not know you are using FundTap to bring forward funding to secure your business cash flow.

Data Flow Diagram