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How YUM diversified their product range and achieved cost savings with FundTap

YUM are the pioneers of delectable, handmade NZ granola and breakfasts available across the country, to households as well as cafes, hotels and supermarkets.

After experiencing high demand and growth, they began observing a pattern in their cashflow and finding themselves in a pinch for a couple of weeks in each month, between receivables and payables, seeking out a solution to help smooth that gap. After speaking to their bank, their bank referred them to  FundTap, a highly regarded local invoice financing service.

They were looking for unsecured financing to help with the cyclical pinch they were experiencing. FundTap stood out being a local provider, with a more personal approach to working together, where there was always a person to answer questions and assist.

YUM know the growth level they can support with their own capital, and then they choose to work with FundTap when they fluctuate above this. They have been able to launch a new product flavour, No 8 – 100% NZ grown granola. It was a lockdown idea that they were able to push out to the market in 3 months receiving phenomenal sales and growth with support from FundTap.

“We are able to achieve scalability more easily with FundTap, making cost savings when ordering larger volumes of ingredients, and having capital available for huge packaging runs with long lead times.”

YUM value the speed in which FundTap operate, along with the human beings on the other side of the phone to strategise with and come up with solutions. YUM are looking to switch their packaging to compostable materials involving a large level of capital. They have found that start ups don’t look favourable to a bank on a piece of paper, so considering the progress they have made while using FundTap, they will continue working together to achieve success in this key next step of their growth plan.

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