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Characteristics Of A Strong Client Relationship

Any decent business owner cares about building great relationships with customers. They want them to have positive, healthy relationships that…

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Ways To Nurture Long Term Profitable Customers In The Building Industry

As a building business, the work you do with a customer isn’t just about completing one project and never seeing…

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How To Build Stronger Relationships With Offshore Or Remote Clients

Any business wants to build good customer relationships, but when they’re remote clients the relationship becomes even more important. Remote…

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Client Profitability Worksheet Template – Excel

Understanding how much your business makes from individual clients is a key element of business planning. It helps to price…

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B2B Customer Relationship Building – How Are You Identifying Profitable Opportunities?

As a B2B sales business, your relationship with your customers is everything. Your ability to find, nurture and maintain positive…

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Customer Relationship Management Advice For Small Businesses

A lot of things are important to businesses, but customers are perhaps among the most critical. The way you manage…

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3 Hard Truths You Should Feel Comfortable Saying To Good Customers

How would you tell a customer that your price is going up? Or that they’re dragging the chain? Most businesses…

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The Value Of Relationship Management Has For Your Revenue

Having good customer relationships is good for your business. Makes sense, right? But why exactly? How does it benefit you?…

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